4'W X 50' Long x 1" thick Single bulk roll

4'W X 50' Long x 1" thick Single bulk roll

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The 4'W x 50' L X 1'' thick Single Faced Noise Bulk Roll.

Singer Safety’s Single-Faced Quilted Fiberglass Bulk Rolls couple efficient sound absorption and noise barrier performance to supplement acoustic screens and baffles. Our Quilted Fiberglass Material (QFM) is lightweight and semi-flexible and is best used as a suspended barrier. Single-faced Bulk Rolls have QFM on one side and are used against flat surfaces such as walls or machinery sides.

Features of the Singer Safety Single-Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panels include:

  • 1” thickness
  • Standard 48” width.
  • Velcro® closures are available

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