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Singer Safety Company's vinyl strip doors offer easy access and visibility during manufacturing processes while maintaining the conversation of energy, safety, and noise control for a variety of applications. 

Vinyl strip doors can help regulate energy cost savings by having thermal barriers with the ability to save on heating, cooling, and refrigeration costs. 

Vinyl Strip Door Features

  • Rounded edges for added worker safety
  • Convex/concave curvature design for a tighter, interlocked seal
  • Ribbed strips prevent scratching for long-lasting clarity
  • Provide increased insulation
  • Reduce contact and static cling between strips

We offer both Ribbed and Smooth Vinyl Strip Doors in a variety of sizes:

Ribbed 3 foot vinyl strip door

Ribbed 4 foot vinyl strip door 

Ribbed 5 foot vinyl strip door

Smooth 3 foot vinyl strip door

Smooth 4 foot vinyl strip door

Smooth 5 foot vinyl strip door

Smooth 6 foot vinyl strip door

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  • 10'W x 12'H 12" Smooth Strip Door Kit
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