12" Smooth Strip Door Kit 10'W X 10'H

12" Smooth Strip Door Kit 10'W X 10'H

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Smooth strip door kit with orange strips on each end. Galvanized hardware included. Concave curvature has the ability to interlock when hung which creates a tight seal. 

Benefits of our vinyl strip door kits include:

  • Efficient, effective separation between areas in warehouses, machine shops, and production facilities
  • Secure thermal barrier, saving heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration costs
  • Containment of airborne dust within work areas
  • Long-lasting clarity for visibility views through the curtain
  • Excellent noise control between work areas, compatible with all Sound Stopper products
  • Spark and optical protection for cutting and welding areas
  • Low friction and static cling between strips
  • With increased productivity and reduced energy costs, the installation of Singer Safety’s vinyl strip doors are a cost-effective solution, often paying for themselves in just one season.

Dimensions: 10'W x 10'H x 12"

Smooth strip door with 2 orange strips for the ends. Galvanized hardware included.

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