We are deemed an essential business and are not affected by the Stay-at-Home order for Illinois. To assist in efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, Singer Safety Company is now offering Plastic Barrier Screens designed to protect employees and patrons from splash and air-born particles.

4'W X 8'H 2" Thick Double Faced Noise Panel

4'W X 8'H 2" Thick Double Faced Noise Panel

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Singer Safety’s 4'W X 8'H 2" Thick Double Faced Noise Panel offers a noise barrier and sound absorption on both sides of the panel. These lightweight weight panels are used as a supplemental noise barrier to acoustic screens and baffles.

  • 4'W X 8'H  2" Thick Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel w/ Grommets.
  • Estimated Noise Reduction: up to 17 DBA

Panels have bound hems, nickel plated brass grommets 12"on center along top and double grommets 18" on center along side edges for fastening to adjacent panels. Velcro is optional.

Constructed using our Quilted Fiberglass Material (QFM), a lightweight, semi-flexible fiberglass material, they can be used against flat surfaces or as stand-alone panels.

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