Industrial Curtains 10' x 10'

Industrial Curtains 10' x 10'

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The 10' X 10' Industrial Curtains consist of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2 wheel nylon roller hooks. 

Singer Safety's Industrial Curtains optimize your work pace utilization, create flexible partition configurations, increase productivity, conserve energy, and create privacy. 

Applications include departmental partitioning, production work areas, wash bays and much more.

  • Industrial curtain system panels with clear vinyl in the top section, offering clear line of sight out of or in to the work station
  • Opaque vinyl panels in white, yellow, blue, green, red, gray, black and many other colors.
  • Hardware includes zinc-plated chain in bottom hem and heavy-duty Velcro® strips to provide a tight seal when secured coupled with easy access and movement of the panels.

Use Singer Safety’s Industrial Curtains for the ultimate in work space efficiency and flexibility.

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